No wake zone (2016)

Hi Lone Lakers,

We had a good airing of the No Wake order at the LLPOA Annual Meeting Saturday, July 23. As you know, the Aitkin County Commissioners extended that order until August 8, and the board continued to discuss it during the past week.

We have had several requests for the LLPOA’s position on the No Wake status. The LLPOA is a voluntary association of its members and its power is in cooperation and involvement. The Aitkin County Commissioners, on the other hand, makes policy and has enforcement power.

In the No Wake order, the county did not seek our advice or consent in making the ruling. The three options they had were: a) Make no ruling;

b) Establish a full lake No Wake zone; or, c) Allow normal water activities 300’ or 350’ away from the shore. The county determined through the sheriff and Environmental Services offices that the 300’-350’ limit is virtually unenforceable and thus chose to impose the No Wake as the most viable solution.

Our lake management plan directs us to protect the water quality and maintain the property values on Lone Lake. Given the significance of the recent rains and the potential for additional damage due to waves and winds, we will lean on our charter to protect the water quality and urge people to comply with the current No Wake ruling of the county until its scheduled termination on August 8th.

Although the county most likely understands the “no win” position that the No Wake order puts on area lake associations, it chose to emphasize the need to protect Aitkin County lakes. Our LLPOA board has seen, from previous experience, that voluntary compliance of the 300’ limit does not work and a few spoil it for the rest and then everyone ends up frustrated.

The potential impact of a wrong decision could be harmful to our lake and the safety of our residents. Given this — and our charter to protect the water quality of our lake and the safety of our residents–the LLPOA board’s position is that we will comply with and will not seek to appeal Aitkin County’s No Wake order.

Respectfully, the LLPOA Board of Directors