Lone Lake Property Owners Association welcomes you to our lake!

Lone Lake

My first attempt at film editing – Lone LakeWatch in HD!

Posted by Scott Hill on Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Lone Lake is a 448-acre beautiful, clear recreational lake located seven miles southeast of Aitkin, Minn. It averages 28’ of water clarity and its depth runs to sixty feet in several places on the lake. An oligotrophic lake, it is home to a variety of pan and game fish, as well as loons, eagles and small water mammals. While it is part of the Upper Mississippi River–Brainerd watershed, it is uniquely situated with no inlets from other water bodies and with only a small outlet, which feeds into nearby Ripple River.

The Lone Lake Property Owners Association actively works to protect the natural and aquatic environments of the lake. LLPOA sponsors events, educational programs, and committees for the Lone Lake community.

In July 2008, the Minnesota Waters conservation group named LLPOA the Minnesota Lake Association of the Year.

LLPOA publishes News Briefs which are designed to communicate news and information to LLPOA members in a timely and cost-effective manner. You can also reach us through this website or via Facebook. Editor: Jennifer O’Neill. Share your ideas, suggestions and concerns with any member of the LLPOA board by writing to lonelakepoa at gmail.com.
Thanks so much to Scott Hill for the stunning drone footage of Lone Lake!