Fishing on Lone Lake


Maintain a walleye population with a gill net catch index of 3-5 fish per lift and 4 year classes present.

But… Lone Lake is not a natural walleye producing lake. Previous DNR stocking programs have not been wildly successful. So… DNR is going to establish a new stocking program.


  • Stock walleye fry at a rate of 500/littoral acre
    74,000 fry (2017, 2018, 2020, 2021)

  • Stock fingerlings at a rate of 1 pound/littoral acre
    148 pounds (2019, 2022)

  • Potential SURPLUS stocking of yearlings/adults up to 2 pounds/littoral acre

  • Increase assessments to determine impact of new program

  • Standard fall assessments every 5 years beginning 2019

  • Habitat & near shoreline assessments in even years

  • Conduct additional gill net assessment in 2022 to evaluate program

LLPOA DNR Stocking-chart.png

2019 DNR Survey Results (PRELIMINARY)

9 Nettings Conducted 6/17/19 – 6/21/19

LLPOA DNR Stocking-chart2.png

Lone Lake remains primarily a Bluegill and Northern Pike lake
(from a netted population perspective)

  • Bluegill (most prevalent fish netted at 166 fish) are increasing particularly those > 6”)

  • Bluegill sizes ranged from 3” – 8” with plurality of fish In the 6” – 8” range

  • Northern and Northern > 24” are increasing*

  • Northern ranged from 12” - 35” with average length of 21”

  • Largemouth Bass numbers remain constant in the 11” - 15” range

  • Walleye netted were generally in the 13”- 16” range although some in 21” range

  • Black Crappie populations have risen slightly with majority in 8” – 12” range

    *Although too early to draw any firm conclusions, it would appear that the new (2017) DNR. Walleye stocking program is showing some signs of success. Again, too early to tell for sure.

LLPOA DNR Stocking-chart2.png

Other IMPORTANT findings from the most recent DNR lake survey

Water clarity remains one the best in the state at average of 26-28’ depths

Dissolved Oxygen is one of the most important indicators of water quality. It is essential for the survival of fish and other aquatic organisms. Dissolved Oxygen exists in Lone Lake even the deepest spots….again, one of the best readings in the state.

  • At Surface 8.2 parts per million (ppm)

  • At 57’ 3.6 ppm

Water temperatures on June 17, 2019 remain in normal range at 66.6 degrees at surface, dropping to 43.7 degrees at 57’ deep an average drop of just under 1/2 degrees per foot.

Surface temperature reading on August 6, 2019 registered at exactly 80 degrees

Charts and graphs prepared by Marty Cook | Additional data provided by DNR - Aitkin