Annual Meeting Ahead

Annual meeting ahead: Is it time for you to step up?

The next big association event is the LLPOA Annual Meeting & Pot Luck on Sat., July 25 at the Preiner’s storage facility, 30353 Oak St. starting with games and set-up at 10:45 a.m.  We truly hope you will come and enjoy a few hours with friends, and cast your vote on board business and elections.

Up for election this year are all officers and two director positions.  The current officers that have indicated that they will serve another term are Steve Frazier – President, Karen Frazier-Treasurer, Jennifer O’Neill-Communications, and Bev Napurski-Director & Website/Social Media.  However, we are currently without a secretary and have one open director position.

This is a great time to step forward.

The secretary participates in board meetings and events, takes meeting notes (usually five meetings per year), and keeps the association’s historical records.  The person serving in a director’s position takes part in board meetings, shares in tasks that are not covered by team leaders, and attends association events. Please contact to place your name in nomination as we all work to preserve and protect Lone Lake for the future!

We’ll talk again later, Steve Frazier, LLPOA President.