Lake water level had its ups and downs over season

Lone Lake experienced high lake levels during the summer of 2014.  In fact, the lake was above the Ordinary High Water (OHW) mark from May through July.  Lots of snow last winter, plentiful rains, and a sluggish lake outlet have all been given as reasons for the extra water.  For most of the summer, boaters were asked to keep wakes low to prevent shoreline erosion.

However, readings taken Oct. 31 showed the lake level had dropped 9.6” from the June 20th reading, and 6.6” below the OHW mark.


In September several individuals donned their waders and took up shovels to tackle the dirty job to open the culvert and ditch, and keep the water running between Lone and Ripple lakes.  The last time the ditch was cleaned was ten years ago so the growth had become a huge obstacle.

With property owners’ permission, volunteers cleared growth and debris in the half mile long ditch. LLPOA thanks Bob Kosloski, Jerry Nelson, Dave Scott, Marty Cook, Ward Olson, Zint Kics, Mustafa Bulut and Walt Weisser. Applause also goes to Walt, Bob, Jerry and Dave who monitored the outlet culvert weekly all summer.  They removed debris from a screen, which a trapper suggested be used in front of the culvert to prevent beavers from entering the culvert to build a dams.