Leveling with you

June was a busy month at the lake and July promises to be the same.  In this newsletter, we’ve recapped a number of events – the retention pond planting, the River and Lakes Fair, and more.  Plus we look ahead to the 4th of July parade and triathlon and the LLPOA Annual Meeting and Potluck on Saturday, July 25. Read on!

Here, I’d like to talk about something of special interest to lake residents, namely issues about the lake level. At the most recent board meeting, the board authorized the formation of a new committee to deal with questions about the lake outlet, which is on the southwest side of the lake. The purpose of the new six-to-eight member Outlet Committee, consisting of representatives from around the lake, will be to review our current operating policy on the outlet and to make recommendations to the board for a formal written policy.

What is the current operating policy of the LLPOA on the lake outlet?  Our policy is to keep the culvert and the lake outlet open.  This plays out in three ways:  First, the board accepts and supports as correct the elevation where the culvert has been placed, as confirmed by the DNR hydrologist and the Aitkin County Highway Engineering department.  The culvert was set to allow water to flow out before it reaches the Ordinary High Water elevation of 1,264.6 ft.

Secondly, the board has had a long-standing policy to support the removal of beaver if they inhibit outlet flow.  Third, it has been the practice of the board to call for volunteers to watch for and remove any natural, wildlife or man-make obstructions to the water flow. This group of volunteers, called the Ditch Maintenance Taskforce (also known as the Beaver Control Committee), provides this service with members doing daily checks on the outlet.  The LLPOA Board carefully follows the law to maintain the outlet and works closely with the DNR and Aitkin County to be sure all actions are appropriate and without vigilantism.

As you can imagine, this is a slippery slope for the lake association to have a policy that serves the ecology of the lake while balancing the needs of residents with low-lying lots or in shallow bays. And --oh yes-- the unpredictability of Mother Nature!  Long-timers on the lake have said it is a “no win” situation for the lake association to take on but the current board feels that this issue needs an open dialogue in which to examine the policy.  So we as a lake community are either part of the solution or part of the problem!  Let’s work to be part of the solution.

If you are interested in serving on the Outlet Committee, contact Steve Frazier at sfrazier@usjet.net to submit your name to the LLPOA Board for their consideration at their July board meeting on July 12th.  The Outlet Committee and the Ditch Maintenance Taskforce will operate under LLPOA’s Water Quality Team.

Although the Future of Lone Lake Planning Session held June 13 was lightly attended, its recommendations reach far.  The newly revised Lone Lake Management Plan was distributed, reviewed and modified to bring it up-to-date as of June 2015.  Take a moment to look at it, as it is the framework for our actions as an organization.  Members wishing to have a copy should contact me at sfrazier@usjet.net, Jennifer O’Neill at jennyanyspot@gmail.com  or click here to download a copy.

Thank you for your membership and support of LLPOA and your involvement to preserve, enhance and protect Lone Lake for the future! 

We’ll see you on the lake, Steve Frazier – LLPOA President.