Maple Ridge Produce expands

At the lake you can eat well and buy local, too

It has been a busy year for Erik Heimark and Jay Rigdon at Maple Ridge Produce, 29555 380th Ave. “We didn’t anticipate breaking even our first year on the farm,” said Erik. “But thanks to so many enthusiastic customers, we were able to not only break even and make a little profit.”

Erik and Jay in the almost-finished farm stand

Erik and Jay in the almost-finished farm stand

As a result, they decided to expand their garden to just over two acres, build a green house, and a new farm stand at the corner of County Road 81 and Township Road 1028.

In addition to produce, this year the farm stand will include:

  • A mini-fridge for farm-fresh eggs
  • A refrigerator/freezer for produce, breads, and frozen meats
  • Products from other farms such as home-made soap, maple syrup, USDA inspected pork and beef...and even goat!
  • A card reader for credit and debit cards (we have to be home to use it though)
  • A guest book for suggestions, comments, and questions
  • A weekly recipe of the week
Last summer’s bounty of squash, melons and other veggies.

Last summer’s bounty of squash, melons and other veggies.

The stand will open Memorial Day weekend. Look for fresh cut rhubarb and asparagus, vegetable and flower starts, hanging flower baskets, jellies, jams, and relishes, homemade soap, farm-fresh meats, and our Maple Ridge breads!  “We look forward to seeing you throughout the growing season!” said Erik.

This year Maple Ridge Produce will also be hosting the Sustainable Farming Association's annual summer picnic. SFA would like to invite the Lone Lake Association members to join them for a potluck picnic extravaganza at Maple Ridge Produce on Saturday,  July 8th from 3-7 pm.

At this picnic you will be able to meet a variety of other local farmers in the area and see what they have to offer.  “It’ll be great to see you all there!”

For more information, contact Erik Heimark, Maple Ridge Produce at or call 218-232-1303