Summer is almost here

Hi Lone Lakers,


What a beautiful spring it has been on Lone Lake to kick-off our summer season with our families and with the Lone Lake Association. The ice went off the lake on March 30th and last weekend you cannot believe how many docks and boats were already in the water. We even got our own dock in last weekend, which is a record! There is a lot to share with you so let’s get at it.


This year of 2016 is the year of the Monarch Butterfly on Lone Lake. We will be giving out Milk Weed packets with memberships to help the struggling Monarch population in the USA. We will also have our Annual Meeting Program center around the Monarch theme with a speaker and a photo/art contest of best Monarch shots and art using Milk Weed pods.

Our regular calendar of events starts on May 6th with Boat inspections using DNR Inspectors. Save May 14th on your calendar to join the Spring Road Clean-up at 9AM at the Public Beach. We’ll have coffee and rolls, a group picture and then take-off to our cleaning areas. Thanks to everyone that helps us keep the environment around Lone Lake pristine!

Thank you for your cooperation on the beaver issue and we have now suspended that effort and the Board will discuss more humane ways of dealing with nature’s effects on water flowage out of Lone Lake.

Our next big push will be the Memorial Day Weekend with both Boat Inspections and the Spring Membership Drive. Our second newsletter will come out just be for then to add additional detail to upcoming events.

Thank you for your support of the Lone Lake Association and we urge you to get involved in as many of the association’s activities that you can this summer.

We’ll talk again later, Steve Frazier, LLPOA President.