2019 Heading to the history books

Fall on Lone Lake is favored by many with colorful leaves, misty mornings, chores completed and wonderful summer memories. The final LLPOA board meeting looked forward to 2020 with a multitude of important agenda items.

Bob, Jennifer and Marty retire from the board

Bob, Jennifer and Marty retire from the board

We are actively searching to fill the positions of Secretary and two director/team leader positions (Fisheries and Wildlife, Water and Surface Use). Due to the purchase of a new residence by Marty Cook and Jennifer O'Neill, (both having served the board with a passion for many years but now are retiring to another lake,) these seats are open for 2020. We hope you will consider volunteering to help.

Last year at this time we learned that our beloved Lone Lake, while still a gem in Aitkin County, is trending downward in the area of lake clarity. Concerns are being raised with other county data as well, but lake clarity is the most evident and discussed.

While this topic is not a current disaster but more of a wake-up call, we cannot take our water clarity for granted. We do need all residents and users of Lone Lake to become active sooner rather than later.

Some of the casual factors that will be discussed and studied by the association in 2020 include:

  • changing climate

  • greater season of rain and wind

  • shore erosion

  • clear mowing to the lake without a buffer zone

  • possible sewer/drain field issues

  • wave and underwater current action from wake boats

  • boat "cruising" too close to shore which disturbs lake bottom vegetation

We need your input as we approach this issue with the understanding that everyone has the right to enjoy the lake. As an association, we need to work cooperatively as we seek recommendations to preserve and protect Lone Lake for future generations.

The final Lake Management Plan, when finished and adopted by the board, will be emailed to members and posted on the website for comment and discussion.

As the lake year ends, a final thank you to Bob Kosloski, Marty Cook, and Jennifer O'Neill, all retiring from active board members. Whether it was road clean-up organization taking notes, sharing DNR fish facts, making willow wattle or sending out important information for all members, they gave of themselves, their time, and talents. We and future generations are the benefactors. Many, many thanks.

We would like to thank you for your support of our lake association. Look for the Lone Lake roster/directory to be emailed to all members later this fall. This is just another benefit of being a LLPOA member. We had 108 paid memberships this year. In a perfect world, we would like everyone on the lake-all 181 properties-to be members and involved. Convince your neighbor to join! Thank you for another great year on Lone Lake.