Lake Planning Session

Happy Spring on Lone Lake! Will we ever see green grass? When will the ice melt? It won’t be long now!

Spring brings news of an important LLPOA event on Saturday, May 4 at the Aitkin Public Library Community Room: The Future of Lone Lake Planning Session. Your participation matters! At this event, we open up the floor to all LLPOA members to have a fruitful dialogue about issues that are important to us in our lake community. We will set goals and build plans to act on them.

I expect lively discussions to occur on such questions as: how to maintain the quality of our lake water? What’s happening with our wildlife and fisheries? How do we keep invasive aquatic species out of our lake? Should we have no-wake zones when the lake level is high? What more can we do to improve our community and lake property values? And more…

What’s on your mind? What concerns do you have that you’d like to bring forward? What can we be doing to sustain Lone Lake’s environment?

The Saturday, May 4 session is from 9 a.m. until noon, followed by a chicken-dinner luncheon, prepared by our local Paulbeck’s Market.

HOW TO REGISTER: Please register for the LLPOA Planning Session, so that we can plan for food and materials.

Email your name and the names of those attending with you to by Saturday, April 27. Indicate after each name the group you or they may be interested in being on (if you have a preference).

By email, we will send you the 2014 Lake Management Plan for your review before the planning session. You need not print it out as we will have copies of it and other materials for you at the planning session. So, roll up your sleeves and get registered and get involved!

How will the session work? After introductions and an opening discussion, we will review the goals set in 2014 and tee up any additional issues and challenges now facing our lake. Next, we will divide into five groups to set new goals, and determine subsequent actions needed, over the next five years.

The five groups are:

Team 1 – Water Quality and Shore-land Restoration and Plantings

Team 2 – Aquatic Invasive Species

Team 3 – Zoning and Land Use

Team 4 – Fisheries and Wildlife Management

Team 5 – Water Surface Use

Each group will report its goals and actions in the general session that follows, and then all participants will weigh in on the goals and actions reported, and set additional goals by consensus. The planning session will end with LLPOA taking recommendations on our communications program and on how to improve the association, in general.

If you have any questions about the Future of Lone Lake Planning Session, feel free to contact me at

Here are a few other highlights about the events and news around the lake this summer:

• We hope to see you at the Road Clean-up on Saturday, May 18th at 9 am at the Public Beach. Note that this occurs a week after the Fishing Opener to avoid conflicts of having both things on the same day. As always, we bring the coffee and rolls. Be sure to check the 2019 annual LLPOA calendar posted in this newsletter.

• The LLPOA Boat Parade will actually be held on July 4th in 2019. That is a Thursday this year.

• A goal set by the LLPOA Board is to have the LLPOA become paperless by the year 2020. This goal will be discussed at the LLPOA Annual Meeting to be held on Saturday, July 20, 2019.

Finally, thank you for your membership and support of the LLPOA in 2019.
Together we can protect Lone Lake for the future.
Steve Frazier, LLPOA president