Building, landscaping or remodeling?

Whether you’re new to the lake or an old-timer…

What we do on the land matters to our lake quality and environment. Lone Lake property owners are required to follow the Aitkin County Shoreland Property Owner’s Checklist and contact Aitkin County Planning & Zoning before:

✦ Buying, clearing, or developing shore land property.

✦ Building a new structure or remodeling an existing structure.

✦ Installing a well and/or septic system.

✦ Draining, mowing, or filling a wetland.

✦ Building a boardwalk or raised path to the lake.

✦ Building or repairing any accessory structure near the shore (boat house, gazebo, storage locker).

More information is contained in a useful brochure called Aitkin County Shoreland Homeowner’s Guide to Lake Stewardship (click to view), which is being distributed by 2019 LLPOA membership volunteers. The guide provides basic information on good lake stewardship, which if practiced by you and collectively others around the lake, will keep the lake healthy to protect your investment in shoreland property (healthy waters=higher property values) and your enjoyment of the lake while also preserving its ecological integrity.