4th is over; Annual Meeting just ahead

Independence Week on Lone Lake was glorious, but perhaps quieter than usual because the 4th landed mid-week this year. Nevertheless, athletes competed in the annual Lone Lake Triathlon, which was organized by the VanSlooten family. On Saturday, LLPOA marked the occasion with our boat parade, despite a windy lake. Check out the photos and captions about these events elsewhere in the newsletter, website and Facebook.

What’s next? We’d like to invite everyone to our next very important LLPOA event -- the Annual Meeting and Potluck to be held on Saturday, July 21 starting at 11 a.m. at JoAnn and Dick Preiner’s storage facility on 30353 Oak Avenue. Look for the “Lone Lake Annual Meeting” sign. We will honor friends and members who have passed away this past year, including Roy and Jane Carlson, Gladys Honnold and Jane Humphreys. We will have a guest speaker and, as always, great food with the lake association providing hot sandwiches, pop, coffee and water. Join us, bring a dish to pass, and enjoy a relaxing time with neighbors.

Looking further out into August, we will host another workshop to help property owners learn techniques to protect and preserve their shorelines from erosion. The 2-3 hour session will be held the morning of Saturday, August 25 at a to-be-determined location on the lake. Please plan to attend. More information will come. Among the issues covered will be how to deal with deteriorating rip-rap, and how to make willow-wattle, an inexpensive wave-breaking barrier. The session will give you ideas on ways to hang onto your shoreline and lake hillsides, especially in these times of rising water levels and stronger waves caused by wind and bigger boats.

In light of the high lake level – thanks to recent 4-6” rainfalls – will you please keep boating activities to the middle of the lake, so waves can lose some of their energy before reaching shore? Even a slow-moving pontoon can cause a wake, so enjoy a leisurely ride around the lake. Keeping the soil from spilling into the lake will help keep our lake pristine. Thanks for your cooperation.

Thank you for your membership support of the Lone Lake Property Owners Association.
See you at the lake!
Steve Frazier, LLPOA president